Harwel Class A Goods / Passenger Lift

Model HW3CA

Our special Class A Goods/Passenger lift is manufactured for combined passenger and goods use and bridges the gap between commercial passenger lifts and fixed platform hoists.

Lift car sizes can range from 1100mm x 1400mm with a load of 612 kgs up to 4000 kgs with car size configuration as required.

These lifts have a speed of 0.4mps up to .8mps with a V.V.V.F. Drive.

The Model HW3CA is fully disability compliant (AS1735.12).

The lift car can be fitted out either as a passenger lift with stainless wall panels; laminated wall panels or timber veneer wall panels; all with mirror to one wall.

Alternatively most clients prefer the Goods/Passenger lifts to have wall finishes which will handle the trolleys and pallet jacks they load with.

In this case our most popular finish is the propeller plate (Hi polish) with two rows of timber or polyethylene buffers.

Flooring can be either our heavy duty vinyl or again propeller plate.

For food hygiene areas we manufacture the lift to your specific requirements.

We can install our Goods/Passenger lifts into shafts supplied by your builder or we can manufacture and install our Harwel structural aluminium shaft sheeted internally with a roof cap included.

The shaft can then be sheeted externally by the builder if required with ‘firecheck’.

Our Model HW3A meets the same 10 week lead times and minimal installation times for which Harwel are renowned.