Passenger Lifts Constructed in GloucesterOur Harwel Model HW3 is a hydraulic lift with VVVF Drive (variable voltage variable speed) .6 mps with 140 starts per hour.
An Australian made, energy efficient, safe lift with quiet, smooth operation, able to accommodate the finishes required… what else could you ask for in a passenger lift?

Car wall panelling includes satin stainless, timber veneers, laminates, glass, painted glass, mirrors & speciality metals. Ceilings can be stainless & translucent, laminates, timbers, with energy efficient LED concealed strip lighting.Ventilation fans are concealed in the ceiling and mechanical ventilation holes at the bottom of the car can be hidden behind the stainless skirting.

Choice in designs of Car Operating Panels, mirror styles.

We can provide the enclosure (or shaft) of structural aluminium, epoxy finished to colour of choice with grey tinted or clear glass inserts. Alternatively, we could supply and install frame for the builder to clad.

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The Harwel Difference:

  • Our lifts are pre fabricated in our factory to minimise installation time. For example a 2 floor single entry lift can be installed in 7-10 days, depending on location.
  • Our lifts car opening can be adjacent (right or left handed) or through car openings.
  • Harwel Lifts do not require ‘bond blocks’ to be built in by the builder or cut-outs for landing plates. Harwel door jambs accommodate our landing plates. We do require cut outs for our doors and jambs to go into.
  • For the emergency phone, Harwel will supply a single-sim GSM unit, whilst the customer is required to purchase and manage the sim card.

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Note to Architects: Our design configurations are unlimited and we welcome your direct inquiry advising your specific requirements.

Commercial Lifts

Harwel Commercial Lift installation examples: