Harwel Lifts & Hoists

Our hoists are robust products for goods. The goods lift is manufactured and installed to AS1735.3 and the goods hoist is manufactured and installed to AS1418.8 of the Australian Codes.

These lifts and hoists have a speed of from .17mps (in the case of hoists) to .8mps for goods lifts. These are both available with a V.V.V.F. Drive.

We can install our units into a shaft supplied by the builder or we can manufacture and install our Harwel structural aluminium shaft.

Our shaft can be sheeted externally by the builder when fire rating is required.

Door configurations for the lifts are stainless 4 panel – 6 panel with 120 minute fire rating.

The hoists can have double swing, manual or automatic landing doors or manual or automatic roller shutters.

Both hoist door styles have vision panels built in and both are available non-fire rated and fire rated to 120minutes.

Harwel Lifts &  Hoist Installation Examples: