About Us

Jewel Smith - Harwel LiftsJewel Smith

Jewel’s career began with a commercial art course at East Sydney technical college which led her into the Offset printing field for some years where she obtained experience both in the artistic and business side of the printing industry.

Jewel then travelled to Europe where she worked for both German & Dutch companies assisting them with their business negotiations with English companies. It was during this period that Jewel furthered her experience in business management.

Coming back to Australia, she was still in her middle twenties when she was offered a position as the sales & promotion director for the Australian distributors of Husqvarna.

Jewel had a regular television segment on a morning show on Channel 10 and produced radio and television commercials for Husqvarna. She also trained and managed staff for the department stores in Sydney and provided training, sales and promotional support for sewing centres throughout NSW.

The lift industry became part of her lift when she married Harry and she has been involved in all aspects of this industry since 1982.  Jewel is the general manager of Harwel Lifts.

Passionate about her farm, animals, vegetable growing, gardens and tree planting, she also has a keen interest in environmental issues and believes in a simpler, more sustainable life style.


Harry Smith- Harwel LiftsHarry Smith

Harry Smith’s career began with a 5 year Electrical Fitting apprenticeship in Victoria. He served his time on dam sites and multi-story buildings in Melbourne then to NSW where he worked on diesel electric locomotives and the original shuttle cars used in underground mining. One of the interesting features of his apprenticeship was installing the first industrial microwave oven in Australia.

In 1972 he took on a technical manager’s position with Australian Lift Industries and for some ten years was involved with a wide range of lifts managing repairs and modernisations. In 1982 ALI was taken over by Schindler when Schindler first came to Australia.

Harry was NSW Service Manager with Schindler for eight years and during this period Harry & Jewel were married. In 1988 Harry and Jewel decided to start their own lift company.

Harry’s five sons, his brother, three nephews and two grandsons, have all completed or are completing their apprenticeships in the lift industry. All still employed in a diverse range of lift industry occupations.

Harry is always looking to invent, improve new products and he has a keen interest in energy saving. Harry is the technical manager of Harwel Lifts.

Harry & Jewel have installed a stand-alone solar system on their farm, “Harwel”. They are now completely self-sufficient in water and power and providing their own vegetables on a regular basis. Complete self-suffiency is not easy to achieve but they are working on it.