Harwel Shafts and EnclosuresWe specialise in retrofitting lifts and hoists into existing buildings and retrofitting becomes a little challenge which we at Harwel enjoy.

With the new Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 we can advise and work out a solution which will take up minimum space for a lift installation. Our structural aluminium shafts/enclosures assist because they take up minimal space with their slimline profile.

If it is not possible to fit the lift internally then an external solution can usually be found.

We are more often supplying lift shaft/enclosures with our commercial lifts and hoists these days for both internal and external situations and we believe the builders are finding it more economical to have Harwel supply the shaft/enclosure with the lift.

Our shafts/enclosures, as with our lifts, are built to the AS1735 Australian Lift Code and frames are manufactured from structural aluminium finished with epoxies. Most of our enclosures are required with glass panels. We build a fully compliant shaft using 10.38mm laminated glass panels.

Some of our external commercial enclosures have a combination of ‘Mini Corodeck’ and glass such as in the accompanying photos in a recent school project.

Many of our enclosures for commercial installations are retrofitted into schools, TAFE’s, medical centres, commercial office buildings, industrial buildings, community buildings etc.

Harwel treat each project individually and design the enclosure to suit the requirements, the site and the budget.