Harwel Fixed Platform HoistsModel HW8

Our fixed platform hoists are manufactured to AS1418.8 of the Australian code and range in hoisting capacity from 250kgs to 5000kgs or as required.

Harwel hoists have a quiet smooth operation and are very energy efficient, easy to operate and used in a variety of situations and configurations.

We supply robust hoist cars finished with either propeller aluminium or heavy grade chequerplate steel in the situation where fork lifts will be loading and unloading the hoist. We build in heavy timber buffers or polyurethane buffers on the walls to protect the hoist car.

Door configurations are manual or automatic roller shutters with vision panels.  Door finishes are flexible depending on the situation and range from anodised aluminium to satin stainless.  Vision panels are fitted for roller shutters with the exception of fire-rated roller shutters.

Fire rated doors are available.

For food handling platform hoists we finish the platforms in stainless steel with polyurethane buffers and flooring as required.

Operation can be via car push buttons for when persons are travelling or in the case of goods only use, exterior push button plates or pendant controls.

We welcome your enquiries to discuss your requirements.

Harwel Fixed Platform Hoist Installation Examples

  • Automatic roller shutter doors with vision panels
  • Including aluminium sheeted structural aluminium RHS shaft frame sheeted with colorbond or epoxy coated aluminium sheeting
  • Hoist car with aluminium chequerplate lining, timber buffers, LED strip lighting in ceiling