Limited Mobility, Access and Home LiftsHarwel Model HW18A

The Harwel Model HW18A is an economical commercial limited mobility lift. This economical model is a low-maintenance unit that comes with a range of finishes to enhance its surrounds. This model suits locations requiring up to a maximum rise of 12 metres. The HW18A is well-suited to fulfill the lift needs of community buildings, churches, workplaces, medical centres, retirement villages, nursing homes, etc.

The HW18A has manual or automatic hinged, swing landing doors, fitted with 10.38mm thick laminated glass (in grey tinted, white translucent or clear).

We can install into a shaft supplied by the builder or Harwel can supply the shaft (enclosure). There are various shaft styles to select from to suit the budget. These units may be installed internally or externally with respect to the building. All Harwel lift models are self supporting and do not require load bearing walls.

Harwel project manages the entire process from initial design (working with your architect) to manufacture and installation in your premises. At Harwel we specialise in short lead times and minimum installation times. Lead times for this model are generally from 8-10 weeks to delivery. Installation times vary on average from 3-6 days depending on number of levels and shaft requirements. As with all Harwel lifts and hoists, the HW18A is manufactured in our own workshop to our exacting quality standards. Our highly trained technicians will deliver and install the completed lift at your premises.

Harwel Model HW18

The HW18 has a lift car size of 1100mm x 1400mm with a maximum rise to 12 metres and has a maximum speed of .3 mps.

The HW18 has sliding lift car and landing doors with a standard finish of satin stainless. There is also the option for both the lift car doors and the landing doors to have full glass panels framed with either an epoxy finished aluminium frame or alternatively, stainless frames as seen in the photos on this page. These glass door panels are 10.38mm laminated and can be clear or grey tinted. This unit can be installed in your shaft or we can supply the enclosure/shaft in different configurations to fit your budget. Load bearing wall are not required because Harwel lifts are self supporting.

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Our HW18A model complies with:

  • the Australian Standard Code
    AS1735.18 for Lifts for persons with limited mobility
    Restricted use / Automatically controlled
  • the Building Code of Australia sections
    NCC Section E3.6

Our Model HW18 complies with:

  • AS1736.18 for Lifts for persons with limited mobility Restricted Use/Automatically controlled
  • AS1735.12 ¬†Facilities for persons with disabilities
  • the Building Code of Australia sections E3.6 (a) and (b)
  • Fire rated landing doors AS1735.11

Lift Features

As with all Harwel Lifts and Hoists, the HW18A & HW18 are quality commercial lifts exhibiting consistent Harwel features:

  • Beautifully finished
  • Quiet operation
  • Smooth operation
  • Economical to run
  • Economical to maintain
  • Safe to use
  • Safe and easy to maintain
  • Speedy install
  • Short lead times
  • When power is cut to the building the lift lowers
    to ground floor and doors open

We will work with you or your architect to provide a lift to meet your specific requirements.


Harwel Part 18 Limited Mobility Lifts